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         210046 China
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ballbet贝博官网-betball贝博软件下载-贝博策略 locates in Jiangsu Life Science and Technology Innovation Park in Nanjing. ballbet贝博官网-betball贝博软件下载-贝博策略 dedicates on research, develop and industrialization of advance chemical intermediates and drug substances, serves global customers with first-class products and technologies, based on the professional R & D ability and excellent business spirits.

With the support of national, provincial and local government, ballbet贝博官网-betball贝博软件下载-贝博策略 has achieved more than 100% annual income growth since its foundation in 2009 to a group incorporating: 30,000 square feet of research and development center; 80,000 square feet of pilot plant; 20,000 square feet of CGMP facility in Zhenjiang. Now the company has become a great chemical corporation with complete industrial chain of research, development, production and marketing.

ballbet贝博官网-betball贝博软件下载-贝博策略 technological workforce has extensive experience in both R & D and research project management. The strong members of scientific research team have many years of experience in chemical research, development and pharmaceutical outsourcing service business. More than 120 staffs and more than 60% have a doctorate or a master's degree. More than 20% of the staff has foreign educational background or work experience.

ballbet贝博官网-betball贝博软件下载-贝博策略 established the research platforms for medicinal chemistry, multi-chiral synthesis, enzymatic catalysis, semi-synthetic APIs, chemical process development, analytical research & development, and other advanced technologies in pharmaceutical business. Our customers are domestic and foreign life science enterprises, such as Jiangsu CTTQ, Red Sun, Teva, Amgen, Bayer, Lupin, Hetero, etc. in the field of pharmaceutical, chemical, animal health, cosmetic, and food industry.

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